The Workout

Swimming made fun – that’s the simple mission behind SwimTeam’s 45-minute full-body workout. We combine short lap sets with low-impact pool exercises that target technique, endurance, strength training, and flexibility.

"I'm not a swimmer."

"I only know freestyle."

"I haven't been in a pool (without a drink in one hand) for years."

We get it, and we've been there, which is why we designed this class for all levels. No fancy strokes required. No equipment needed. Just your body and the water and our custom Swimmersive™ headset that allows you to hear your coach and music while swimming.

Say goodbye to the solitary sport you know and come check out a social new way to swim.

The Headset

Headset 1

With our Swimmersive™ headset, you receive real-time instruction and motivation the entire class.

Headset 3

The lightweight piece of gear slips over your ears and rests behind your head, fitting comfortably under a swim cap.

Headset 2

We use bone conduction technology to transmit sound. This way, wet buds aren't shoved into your ears, and you're still able to hear ambient noise.