Founded by two non-swimmers and self-proclaimed boutique fitness junkies, SwimTeam grew from a selfish desire to enjoy swimming.

We love running but started aching from all the pavement pounding. We love spinning but can only sit on a stationary bike so many times per month. We wanted to love swimming but couldn’t find the motivation to research pools, risk them being crowded, and do laps like an automaton, all the while wondering how to improve our strokes and stamina. We wanted a non-intimidating group class with real-time instruction, encouragement, and music.

We couldn't find such a class, so we created one, starting in our hometown of LA.

We confess: we’re not attempting to transform your swimming in 45 minutes. (For that, you should book a private lesson with us! #shamelessplug) Instead, our goal is to give you a fun, convenient way to get in the pool so that it becomes a habit, not a chore, and to build your confidence by making it social and stress-free. That goes for triathletes and training wheel swimmers alike.

Contact Us

Email: hello@swim.team. Phone: 929-365-3685.